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Doug Karr

Doug Karr Bio

Doug Karr has worked in the industry since 1997 creating original independent films. Karr's most recent project, the explosive black comedy, Anniversary Present, stars David Alapy (Ararat) and Liane Balaban (New Waterford Girl). Karr’s 2003 mental health caper The Straitjacket Lottery (commissioned by CBC National and Bravo! Channel) screened at over 25 festivals and won awards at the Niagara Indie FilmFest, The Tacoma Washington Film Festival, Picture This Festival Calgary and The Atlantic Film Festival. Karr’s other credits include the award winning experimental documentary LSD25 (Jury Prize - Thirty Below Film Festival, Grand Prize - Cabbagetown Film Festival), The June Bug Symphony (Nominated, Best Cinematography - Yorkton Film Festival, Winner Best Short Film - Niagara Falls Film Festival) as well as the hour long documentary Lifecycles: a story of AIDS in Malawi (for UNAIDS and the NFB). His films have been seen by audiences at film festivals around the world and on various television channels, including Bravo!, The CBC, The W Network, The Independent Film Channel and Link TV.


Sierra Bellows

Sierra Bellows bio

Sierra Bellows started out in the industry as a documentary soundperson having finished a four year degree in Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto. In 2002, Bellows wrote and directed the 8 minute drama Skin Shallow in Toronto. Bellows is co-director of Lifecycles: a story of AIDS in Malawi which has been shown at universities across Canada and the US including Harvard, Boston University, Dalhousie, Victoria College and has been broadcast on Link TV in the US. While in Malawi, Sierra also co-directed and produced a fundraising film for Rotary Club International. Having lived abroad in such varied locals as Malawi, the Philippines and Sri Lanka, she embraces the challenges that arise from cultural exchange and has only once been detained on suspicion of being a spy.

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Read an article about Sierra's experiences on location in Africa while shooting Lifecycles.



Alden Karr bio

Alphanumeric is a composer and musician living in New York City. He has composed and recorded music for numerous films and videos, including productions by Sankey Magic, Fifty Foot Girl Productions and Human Scale Productions. He has also created music and sound design for dance and multimedia performances by Lostwax Productions and Tami Stronach Dance. He began his music career in the discipline of jazz, studying theory, improvisation and composition at Concordia University in Montreal and the California Institute of the Arts. While at CalArts, he discovered his passion for electronic music and composing for new media. Alphanumeric has performed with many ensembles throughout North America at various clubs and festivals from the Atlantic Jazz Festival to the Los Angeles Earjam Music & Sound Festival.


Mikey Dorje

Alden Karr bio

Mikey Dorje is a U.S. born, Japan bred composer and producer now living in Canada. His music has been released on various record labels, and played by club and radio DJs around the world. His music has been licensed by companies such as Molson Canada Ltd., CBC Television and Computer Music Magazine and has composed original music for Much Music and Virgin Mobile. Dorje has worked with artists such as hip hop legends Public Enemy, platinum selling rock singer Tara Slone, Darren Shearer (drums, The New Deal), Bryden Baird (trumpet, Esthero), and Dave "Soul Fingaz" Williams (keys, K-OS) as well as international techno producer Angel Alanis and Michal the Girl (vocals, ATB). Having performed hundreds of shows across North America, Dorje is comfortable composing and producing music in almost any genre, always striving to break new ground by fusing styles, breaking down musical barriers and creating original sounds and compositions.